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  2. I like Park Shin Hye.

    I like her as an actress.
    I like her in interviews.
    I like her in variety shows.
    I like her in general.
    But somehow I don’t like her as a model.


  3. Can we get a Ravi/Ken or Ken/Leo sub-unit happening here.

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  5. BodyPorn: Yamapi

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  6. Eternity body roll

    This is very late but I do not like the body roll in Eternity. I feel like it didn’t suit the dance or the song at all. And it was a little cringe worthy. What made it awkward was the placement of the arms and hands.

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  7. brendiziie:

    My bias ;___;

    The 1st picture makes them look like the douchiest couple ever. Oh fashion.

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  8. human alarm clock, lee jaehwan

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  11. "We always flinch at this sort of “bromance” buzzword that’s come up… There’s no equivalent for women, because it’s not weird if women are friends. Suddenly… it’s such a modern phenomenon that guys can be honestly friends with each other and not have to pat each other on the back… because of the homosexual terror the straight guys have. It’s ridiculous! Now there has to be this word for it… it’s just crazy."
    — Simon Pegg (X)

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    Jaehyun talking about the ET pose scene with kim soohyun

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    물마술 따하

    Water magic ttaha

    Trans cr; Christie @ bts-trans